November 27, 2021

The Problem

Satmola is one of the largest FMCG brands in north India with over a million customers and 150+ strong super-stockist network. The company produces and promotes a popular range of snacks, traditional Indian desserts, mouth fresheners, and corporate gifts packs.

Like our other clients, Satmola was struggling with the management of its sprawling sales network. Executives on the field were still using obsolete manual processes like pen and paper, email, WhatsApp, and phone calls to conduct business. It was creating a lot of friction in scaling the company.

Unread emails, spam emails, lost invoices, deleted WhatsApp chats, and outdated printed brochures were a constant problem at Satmola. A mutual client referred them to Abacus Desk, and soon we had our first meeting in which we took detailed notes trying to understand their business problems.

Our Solution

We proposed a custom CRM software to manage Satmola’s sales network with mobile apps for sales staff. Out in the field, the salesforce would use the mobile app, and back at the corporate HQ, admin team would manage the data and generate reports to guide business decision making.

The CRM provided Satmola an easy to access ERP cum CRM system where they were able to manage their products, vendors, orders, payments, and logistics and shipment processes. The mobile app for sales team and super-stockists proved to be a game-changer, boosting number of orders.

Within a few weeks after deploying the CRM, Satmola saw an immediate increase in business productivity and the bottom line. Business processes were now easier to manage. And they now had a powerful reporting feature to deeply understand their business and make better decisions.

Modules Provided

  • Inventory (product listing)
  • Order management
  • Sales network management
  • Vendor management
  • Logistics and shipment
  • Reporting based on custom KPIs
  • Catalog browsing via mobile app
  • Ordering via mobile apps

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