November 27, 2021

The Problem

Galio is a major Indian auto accessories brand with over 2 million customers and 10,000+ strong sales network. The company manufactures and markets products like body graphics, decals, wind visors, foot mats, car interior accessories, and window frame covers.

The inherent problem with such a vast sales network spread throughout the country with multiple hierarchies is that it’s practically impossible to manage the system using the legacy approach. That is what Galio was facing with patchwork based processes using Excel, WhatsApp, and 1-to-1 phone calls.

Because of this, the company was struggling with massive productivity issues when it came to us for a solution. We analyzed the whole sales network, its current business processes, employee base, and the niche market that the company was serving to come up with a solution.

Our Solution

We proposed a CRM based ecosystem to manage Galio’s sales network with mobile apps for sales executives. On-field, the executives would use the mobile app, and at the HQ, the backend team would control the data inflow, manage it, and generate reports to guide business decision making.

The CRM brought all the disparate business processes together and provided the Galio team with a one-stop place to manage their entire sales network. Sales executive found the mobile app a game-changer, freeing them from tedious paperwork to focus on customer interaction.

Within a few weeks after deploying the CRM, team Galio saw a massive increase in business productivity and sales orders. They now had a powerful dashboard and reporting functionality to understand the business. The sales executives became more disciplines because of the app’s geo-tracking.

Modules Provided

  • Inventory management
  • Order management
  • Sales network management
  • Sales staff geo-tracking
  • Employee management
  • Reporting based on custom KPIs
  • Catalog browsing via mobile app
  • Ordering via mobile apps

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