November 27, 2021

In a sales world where everyone wants to sell their products anyhow and an abundance of options available, does customer loyalty still make sense?

Well, It does. Same as the good old days where customers used to buy from the same shops no matter what. Today, customer loyalty is conducted in the shape of liking favourite brand posts, leaving a google review, sharing posts with friends, uploading photos with brand products, etc.

Which ultimately drives sales.

But what if you know customer loyalty but not how to use it in your favour. In today’s blog,

we will take you through a new buyer’s journey and understand how you could use loyalty in each step.

Phases of customer journey & role of loyalty-

Awareness of your brand- Customers get to know your brand by many means such as word-of-mouth, social media posts, emailers, ads, etc.

In this sales phase, your customer knows your brand first, and only loyalty plays a crucial role. So if you are promoting tactics like promo codes or giveaways, they become a reason for your customer to share your post with their friends, family, and community.

It spreads awareness about your brand without even asking for it.

Consideration & comparison- In throat-cutting competition, it is obvious for customers to compare your products and websites with others.

In this phase of sale, social loyalty helps you win the competition. When new visitors see trustful reviews, relatable social media posts, knowledgeable blogs, followers, and social engagement like tweets, likes, & shares, they consider your services or products.
However, if you already have a trustful digital community, new visitors believe in you and the reputation you have built so far.

That’s how today’s customer becomes your tomorrow’s promotional player for free.

Purchases- Feels like the final phase; this sales phase is a concrete step towards your business via e-commerce, shops, and mega purchasing sites like amazon.

This phase is the biggest chance to win your customer’s attention with personalized offers, coupons, giveaways, contests, gifts, events tickets, etc. So don’t just make them feel special but treat them special with these offers.

It is how you can bring them back to purchase from you over and over again.

Retention– Sensitive phase of sales mostly appears when your customer doesn’t find your brand relevant or trustworthy enough. In such a way, they find other options or stop shopping. But when you use social loyalty programs, you keep them in touch with your brand and products and upcoming.

Social retention could be anything that reminds them of your brand or products, like a social LIE (Learning, Information, Entertainment). It could be any of your posts like FAQs, Puzzles, Hard-sell but engaging for sure.

Advocacy- Any veteran or long-driven business drives with loyal customers or their references. You travel to this last sales phase for LVT (Lifetime value) and boost revenue, also called word-of-mouth marketing. In this, your enthusiastic customer finally becomes your brand advocate who starts referring to your products or services.

When any brand achieves this phase of sales, they gain more profit at a low cost. These customers like, share, or review and buy, which is only possible with the topmost level of customer loyalty.

How can Near Customers help?

We at NearCustomers, offer services to boost customer loyalty through various loyalty programs. Today, in this huge gap in marketing and sales, we are the social bond between them.

While going social, we make it fun for businesses to score high on each level of customer loyalty and become a brand that is standing strong on the last phase of sales & loyalty.

Looking for your social loyalty partner? We are just a call away.