We are NearCustomers

Successfully bringing customers near to business for years.

For building successful customer loyalty and concreate relationships with customers, you need some passionate supporters on your side, and here at NearCustomers, we have been skillfully delivering it since 2012. Our team is a pool of experienced experts known for leading businesses with data, loyalty, and tech knowledge.

Offering services to all small, medium, and large-sized businesses, NearCustomers provides loyalty programs to all. As per business needs, we serve all points, cashback, punch card coalition, premium/free, and hybrid loyalty programs. Our loyalty programs are a fusion of personalization, hassle-free and powerful loyalty programs handled by the right people.

So far, we have worked with multiple national and international brands and turned their visitors into loyal customers and sales into profits.

Why Choose Us


Advanced technology based on research and data from over 100K local businesses.


Helping you turn, on average, 30% of your customers into regulars each month.


Generating an additional $20K(!) each year, for businesses with ~300 members.